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For those who have ultra sensitive skin like many of the countless ladies in my life! For as long as I can remember the women in my family have suffered from sort of sensitivity on their skin, from allergy irritation to hormonal havoc. They used to suffer from severe itching and sometimes redness in their earlier years that was eventually linked to the make up they were using. We were lucky enough to narrow down it down two ingredients that literally made the skin on their face crawl, bismuth oxycloride and certain micas. Now, having said that, I have a theory about why mica may cause irritation and this is just a thought as I have yet to back it with scientific proof, that said, it's best to start from the beginning. Pure mica is a mineral pulled from the earth in sheets or rock form. Once mica is mined, it is transported to a manufacturing facility where it is processed and treated for a number of applications. Mica is almost everywhere, it is used in literally all paints, used in the processing of metals, lots of craft use and tons of use in the cosmetics industry. We use cosmetic grade mica in our Mica Blend products. Now mica in its manufactured pure form is flat, iridescent (has no color) with very sharp edges. It reminds me what fine broken glass looks like under a microscope. I do believe that it is the flat sharp edges of mica that are existent no matter what size of the mica particle is used that indeed is what caused the ladies in my life problems with itching, burning and redness. By using my mineral foundations and all of my other MICA FREE products I have help to end their facial turmoil and helped the countless others that I service around the world as well.

More good news! Not only are our matte formulas mica free but they are also free of:
  • other raw powder ingredients that have been shown to cause irritations to those with hyper sensitive skins, like bismuth oxycloride, serecite (another name for mica), cosmetic clays, silicone, aluminum silicate, boron nitride, calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, pearl powders, silk powder, talc powders, or magnesium myristate
  • petrochemicals, parabens, oils, butters, waxes, flower and plant extracts, essential oils of any sort, fragrance oils, fd & c and d & c dyes, carmine
  • no fancy made up names of raw materials designed to hide the fact that they are chemically loaded
The truth, plain and simple - our original mica free products are made exclusively of non micronized, non coated, water soluble titanium dioxide, iron oxides and in certain tonal shades, ultramarine pigments. Our mica free rice powder blend contains - the same as our original formula with added rice powder for lighter coverage. Nothing more! For more information on the ingredients we have formulated our products with, please be sure to visit each product page on our website as full listings are included.
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