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Caring for your lips is just as important as caring for the rest of your skin. Our lips need regular moisturizing. Our lips do not have large amounts of natural defenses of their own and can be damaged easily from the drying affects of the sun, wind, pollution and indoor heating and cooling. Keeping your lips regularly moisturized prevents the skin on your lips from becoming dry and cracked.

Keep your lips looking and feeling their best with these simple tips and always remember that your lips are are a unique part of the body in both appearance and construction. They have no sweat glands, few oil producing glands, and really the only protection body wise we can deliver to them is saliva, which really isn't helpful at all. Any one who has had dried, chapped lips from licking the lips too much can relate!
Caring For The Lips - Simple and easy to do tips to keep those lips in tip top shape.
  • Try to avoid licking your lips too much: this actually dries them out more, causing them to chap and crack.
  • Try gentle exfoliation at least once a week to help shed some of the built up dead skin on your lips. This will stimulate cell turnover and help keep lips looking smooth, soft and healthy. Be warned though, you should NEVER exfoliate sun burned, cracked or damaged lips.
  • Try to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day with generous use of moisturizing lip balms, glosses or sticks.
  • Try to use a deep moisturizing herbal lip balm at night while you sleep. You'll awake with soft, kissable lips!
  • Combat the appearance of fine lines around the mouth with a simple facial exercise;
    • Open your mouth as wide as you can and resist slightly as you close it. Repeat 10 to 12 times.

Applying Lip Color - Lip color adds the finishing touch to makeup. It should help unite the other colors you have used and really bring your face to life. However, if it is badly applied, it will look clumsy and unsubtle. Typically, the answer to very well defined lips is to make use of lip liner pencils to give lips a neat, defined edge and build up color using a lip brush and your lip color. But, because we don't make lip liner pencils or lip lining specific products yet, we will substitute the use a liner pencil with a lip lining brush. The overall look should be lips with extra definition and brought to life with a burst of color.
  • Step One - Help to soften the lips and fill in fine lines by using a lip primer. Gently rub on a small amount of primer to the lips and allow to set. If need be, gently tap of excess primer or moisture with a tissue.

  • Step Two - Outline the natural edge of the lips using a lip lining brush and choosen lip color. To make sure the color doesn't bleed, blot with a tissue to set color. This simple technique gives you a guideline for applying your overall lip color.

  • Step Three - Use a slightly larger lip brush to apply remaining lip color; this gives you more control over direction. Relax your mouth so that it falls slightly open and brush on color from the corners to the middle point of both lips.

  • Step Four - Press lips gently with a tissue, but be careful not to smudge the color or to remove too much. Then brush on more color to create a deeper effect.

  • Step Five - For a more mattified effect, dust lips LIGHTLY with a translucent powder using a large soft brush. For a more shiny finish, use a clear or lightly tinted lip gloss or shiny balm on top of lip color.

Lip Shape Correction & Special Effects - If you want to correct any 'faults' in terms of lip shape - and let's face it, very few people have perfectly symmetrical mouths - it will be easier to start on a mouth bare of color. Please be aware that these tips are considered advanced when it comes to everyday lip stick application. It is best to practice these techniques until you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Correcting Thin Lips - Make thin lips look fuller and accentuate their shape by;
    • Outline just outside the natural edge of your lips with a lip liner.
    • Brush on lip color inside the line you have drawn.
    • Thin lip tip - Avoid using very matte colors as these can make lips look even thinner; slightly glossy colors will make lips look fuller.
  • Correcting Uneven Lips - Balance an uneven tip lip by;
    • Outline just outside the thinner half of the lip and along the natural edge of the fuller half using a lip liner.
    • Check that the line is even, then outline the bottom lip.
    • Brush on a lip color inside the lines drawn. If lips still look uneven, add more color to the thinner half of the lip.
  • Correcting Shapeless Lips - Give lips more definition by;
    • Outline the top lip with a lip liner to emphasize the 'm' in the middle to create more of a 'cupid's bow'.
    • Outline just outside the natural edge of the lower lip to make it look fuller
    • Brush on a strong lip color to help give the lips even more definition.
  • Correcting Full Lips - Make full lips appear thinner by;
    • Lightly cover the lips with foundation the help 'blur' the edges.
    • Outline the lips using a lip liner just inside their natural edge.
    • Brush on the lip color inside the lines drawn being careful not go outside the line.
    • Full lip tip - Avoid pearly or glossy colors as these will make the lips look even fuller.
  • Correcting Uneven Color - Balance different colored lips by;
    • Lightly cover both lips with foundation until the color appears even.
    • Outline the lips with lip liner.
    • Brush a darker shade of your lip color onto the lip that look lighter and a lighter shade onto the one that looks darker.
    • Purse lips gently together to even out the color more.

More Color Choosing Help - Strong reds for sophisticated glamour, barely there pinks and beiges for natural beauty, or vibrant oranges for sporty style. The color of your lips can change your appearance immediately. Try not to restrict yourself to wearing just one color all the time. Instead, have several choices to suit the effect you want to achieve and for different-colored clothes. Look for lip colors that moisturize and protect your lips too. It's a good thing to remember simple texture rules as well. Pearly or shimmery lip colors attract attention to the lips and make them appear fuller. Matte and semi matte lip colors create warm natural effects that also help the lips look less full.

Your choice of color usually depends on several factors. Firstly, you will have to determine whether you a cool or warm skin tone, and select all your lip colors from either the cool or warm palette. If possible, try to check the color on the back of your hand before purchasing. While doing so, ask your self if can see more pink mauve tone in the color, or whether you can see more orange and yellow tones. If you see more pink or mauve tones, the color is cool; if you see more orange or yellow tones, it is a warm color. Secondly, your choice of lip color will be determined to some extent by the colors of the clothing you are wearing. Your lip color should not clash with your outfit, it should compliment it. The last factor to consider is the style of dress, in terms of casual daily wear or smart evening attire. If you are wearing casual jeans and a t-shirt, you might want to go with natural lip color rather than a deep color. On the other hand, if you are wearing an evening gown, strong dark lip colors may be preferable the natural lip look.

Just for the sake of color choosing, we have included the color tone tables for an added convenience.
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